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Meet the New Radar

Meet the Army’s next-generation, air and missile defense radar The U.S. Army's new LTAMDS radar design, unveiled in a Raytheon mock-up. Sometimes Nate Jones misses being in uniform. "When I remember what it was [ READ MORE ]

The Potential of AI

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence For those who can’t see, walk, eat, and do other functions, who would you trust to help with groceries, read to you, and even guard you on trips? Who would help you sit upright, pick [ READ MORE ]

Aerospace Supply Chain Management Issues

The Research In 2017, a Deloitte 2017 research on the international aerospace and defense industry showed it grew by 2.4 percent and also made roughly 674 billion dollars in 2016. No doubt, the commercial aerospace industry will keep on developing. [ READ MORE ]

The Trade War: United States vs China

The Trade War The supply chain industry in 2019 has been characterized by the increasing trade war between the two largest economies in the world - China and the US. Both countries have been imposing high tariffs on the other. [ READ MORE ]

What Does Boeing’s Future Look Like?

Boeing profits update on September 2018 showed that earnings would rise by 8.4% in the forthcoming year. By 2020, Boeing bottom line will likely reach US$8.9b, a rise from the present trailing 12 months of US$8.2b. But when Boeing released their last [ READ MORE ]

The Virtual Reality Takeover

With the technological advancements that are taking over the simplest tasks in our lives, Virtual Reality is a way to take some edge off and have fun for some people. A novice will define virtual Reality as a fun game that could [ READ MORE ]

5 Biggest Challenges Project Managers Face

Balancing the money, time, and people – is one of the duties of a project manager. Also, managing these factors, developing ideas, and unexpected controlling hurdles are among the issues a project manager handles. Irrespective of your expertise, projects will continually challenge [ READ MORE ]

Is the Defense Market on the Rise?

The Value of the Defense Market The increased demand for air travel and a massive backlog of new airplanes are all adding to an excellent outlook for the aerospace industry. But the industry is experiencing a change that will see [ READ MORE ]

The Future of Supply Chain Companies in Aerospace

Supply Chain Mangement for Aerospace Recent developments in the aerospace industry show a growing need for the supply chain management. The ongoing concern about space has a lot of countries competing to show that they have the knowledge, resources, and [ READ MORE ]