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Mil-Spec – Military Standard – MIL STD

As time develops, it is critical for the military of every country to be ready for combat and to think quickly on their feet. To ensure the defense is ready for action, they need to make sure they have equipment on hand and are ready at all times.

To maintain the condition of equipment, the reliance on mil-spec packaging as before more popular than ever as it protects all types of military based equipment at any given moment.

What is Mil-Spec Packaging?

Mil-spec packaging is used by many US-based packaging manufactures and use a range of products including wood crates, antiseptic bags, moisture reduction bags, humidity indicators, heat seal bags and desiccant packs to protect precious cargo needed to be transported for military services.

The form of packaging with mil-spec is unique and is made to the highest standard, so if you want to use the best form of packaging available, mil-spec is your go-to form of packaging. Here at Action Electronics, we service the US Department of Defense with mil-spec packaging to ensure they have the best packaging solutions. As only one of a few brands servicing mil-spec packaging, it is a smart time to invest before the market grows.

History of Mil-Spec Packaging

So why was mil-spec invented and so heavily invested in? Back during the times of war, it is very clear that resources were needed in order to survive and defend. However, during World War II, the military evaluated the results from poor packaging, leading to the creation of mil-spec packaging.

Officially the form of packaging was created in 1941 after poor packaging in Iceland resulted in damage and loss of critical equipment, hardware and supplies.

With the use of materials such as VCI paper, every item used to be deported or imported from the military is heavily protected to ensure nothing is damaged or lost.

Why is it Mil-Spec packaging important?

The use of mil-spec packaging is an important form of packaging to have if you are protecting highly important or precious hardware. The production of mil-spec packaging can protect all types of products from transportation, climate, terrain and operational environments.