Military Focuses on Supply Chain Risks as Pandemic Continues

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the armed services have been sharing more information as well as implementing the use of risk assessment tools to ensure security throughout their supply chains.

When this global pandemic began, our dependence on products from conflicting nations was evident throughout the U.S. supply chain. When the COVID-19 outbreak began, there was a lot of reluctance to trade as openly as we previously did. Many borders were completely closed off for trade, meaning some of our necessary supply lines were frozen. These supply lines were essential to sustaining production within the defense industry.

Katie Arrington, the chief information security officer in the office of the undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment, responds “those of us who have understood the vulnerability within the supply chain, the pandemic only heightened it and made us aware of the amount of reliance we’ve had on our adversaries” to provide crucial materials and products within the supply chains.

The Pentagon is working to minimize its dependence on nations of concern by “positioning our supply chains and our capabilities in allied partners countries…that serve not just our defense needs, but our commercial needs as well,” Arrington added during the National Defense Industrial Association’s Special Operations/Low-intensity conflict conference.

Although risk assessment tools have already been utilized by the department to share information, they are still working with the defense industry to employ them as a means of further security within supply chains.

Arrington suggested technologies such as artificial intelligence could prove beneficial in helping the Pentagon detect and manage problems more efficiently, “We have to work on these tools and indicators and warnings, and having AI behind them to help us,” she said. She also suggests that the Defense Department start tracking items, to be purchased, early on to ensure security, Arrington said if the component is important to the Pentagon, “shouldn’t we be tracking it from the cradle, from inception and [watching] who has been touching it, who is influencing it, who is tweaking it?”

Supply Chain Risks

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