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The Potential of Artificial Intelligence

For those who can’t see, walk, eat, and do other functions, who would you trust to help with groceries, read to you, and even guard you on trips? Who would help you sit upright, pick out your favorite shirt, tell you about the best restaurants? Who would remind you to take your medications and help you adapt to your routine in general? Artificial intelligence! Yes, humans are intelligent, but none can be so responsive, patient, or constant as AI. Some tech idealists believe AI could build a world where skills are expanded as machines process and analyzes the abundance of data that forms today’s world. Machine-learning algorithms can detect behavioral patterns and foretell what you may need next. Face recognition systems can now recognize emotions. Aside from these, AI can help in medical breakthroughs, improve lousy customer service, democratize expensive services, and even free up an overloaded staff. Based on various studies, this is what we think about the potentials of AI.

Developing Society

Irrespective of the manner the news media movie industry depicts AI; most people only see the benefits. 63% acknowledge AI will help fix complex issues that beset society, while 59% believe it will help people live fulfilling lives. However, only 46% think people will lose jobs as a result of AI, and 23% believe AI will have adverse implications.

Improving Services

Disruption has become the new normal in the business world. Uncertainty, volatility now characterizes Global markets. Talent turnover is now difficult to achieve, and workweeks now go beyond hours. The business world needs more reforms and efficiency to keep up. Thankfully, AI can optimize processes across businesses. And companies are investing big: 54% of IT firms and executives say their companies are making significant investments today; and in 3 years, the number is expected to get to 63%. AI can also make the world a safer place. In 2017, Dubai Police executed the Oyoon (Eyes) project, which employs AI cameras to track criminal behavior in the traffic and tourism sectors. The technology recognizes criminals with the use of facial recognition and helped in bringing 319 suspects to book in 2018. Also, it has helped reduce the number of unsolved crimes in the country by 95.5%.


Artificial Intelligence is indeed a real change agent, and people now feel its early rumblings. If everyone understands the actual abilities of today’s AI, we can and place ourselves to enjoy the benefits of what AI has to offer. Some consumers and businesses will eagerly use and integrate the innovative tools of AI, while others will be careful and even oppose the transformations it brings. The greatest asset in the future will be an open mind as we continue to experiment with AI to solve personal, work, and societal issues. Those who think critically and practically will enjoy the good fortune of these developments instead of being left behind.