True cost exposure

Supply chain accounts for a significant expense within any business. We at Action Electronics call this True Cost Exposure. For over 27 years Action has been the first choice when looking to add value to your development and production process allowing you to reduce costs within the supply chain.

Each item that is ordered must be processed, handled and stored. A single component requires labor to PROCURE and RECEIVE it, then unpack and inspect it for quality assurance.

Your business must absorb the cost of WASTE disposal.

The component is then entered into INVENTORY for eventual KITTING or process within the supply chain.

There are labor costs to package and ship it to its destination.

Finally, a team has to process the paperwork for BILLING. In the end, a 5-cent resistor can require the efforts of as many as 11 people to process it plus inventory carrying costs.

Distribution Services

By the customer outsourcing purchasing, receiving, inventorying, kitting (pulling parts, labelling, modifying), bagging and racking, accounting, to Action Electronics, it can benefit a company’s bottom line. Our customers pay for only the materials they receive just in time for their builds.

Our services provide time-saving solutions that reduce our customers’ costs through customized value-added kitting, procurement consolidation, OEM-ready hardware kits, and unique engineered production and delivery systems.