The real cost of a part

Most of our customers lament that they have too many suppliers. A good way to procure your incoming material and reduce overhead, floor space and cash outlays is to consolidate using Action as your partner.

Action Electronics has a keen sensitivity and unique sensibility to the needs required within government and business sectors.

What is the real cost of a part? From inventory to billing, the labor and cost associated with processing even one part on a regular basis have hidden costs that can impede your entire business.

Four levels of value added services

Action Electronics offers Four levels of value-added services starting from level one single service all the way to process control with part modifications.

  • Level 1 – Distribution
  • Level 2 – Distribution and Kitting
  • Level 3 – Distribution, Kitting and Bag Printing
  • Level 4 – Distribution, Kitting, Bag Printing and Process Control

We offer

  • Production materials to kit
  • Hardware or literature kit that ships with your product
  • Custom-printed bag with hardware, date stamp, logo, image, barcode
  • Perpetual supply management of recurring products
  • Custom-configured supply service

Yes, Action Electronics can control the modification of component A into component B, rolling up the costs along the way, and saving the customer even more time and money.

This works well in conjunction with Kitting where the customer wants the modified component put into the kit.

Our services provide time-saving solutions that reduce our customers’ costs through customized value-added kitting, procurement consolidation, OEM-ready hardware kits, and unique engineered production and delivery systems.