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Government Contracts in General

Doing business can be tough. Cementing clients is never easy but rewarding and challenging for any small or large business.

Winning top clients is a great achievement.  It allows growth and development as well as opportunity.

So what about government contracts? Each year, the US federal government procures over $300 billion for everything from airplanes to military equipment and cleaning services.

As a business, having the US government, as a customer is a big deal and opens more opportunities than any business can imagine.

If you have the ability to meet the standards of quality, price and service with the government, chances are you will meet all other customer requirements too.

Government Contracts at Action Electronics

At Action Electronics, our first impression with the government is key to establishing our reputation as well as obtaining contracts as the key military supplier for OEM and manufacturer of military components and equipment. Through our hard work and dedication,  Action Electronics has obtained over $2 million with the government as a contractor.

Although as a business, Action Electronics has the certifications and infrastructure to service the Department of Defense, it was also the first impression and the forward thinking that help secure contracts.

Now, the services of Action Electronics have reduced the costs for the government by providing distributions directly to markets including DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) and NAVSUP (Naval Supply Systems Command).

How Action Electronics won this contract and how you can do the same

The first impression is key to winning a government contract and although it is hard work, the long-term benefits to the business outweigh the time and resources it takes to obtain the contract.

The key thing to know first is where to find these contracts. Well, the government makes these services and contracts public via media such as Commerce Business Daily but some research on the government websites can be done to seek the opportunities available.

Once contracts are found, it is about how the business is marketed and sold to the government through the application or tender process.

When Action Electronics secured the government contract, there were some key steps that are still taken today to ensure the longevity of the government as a customer. These include:

  • Stay informed: keep up to date with the customer through regular research and communication
  • Plan ahead: always be on the front foot and plan for any disruptions or new contracts that may come up
  • Impressions can stick: ensure the team has good communication skills and is professional with the government and make sure the program manager chosen to deal with the customer is the right person for the job.
  • Be flexible: with such a big customer like the government, a business needs to be willing to adapt when things change
  • Have resilience: problems will arise so the business needs to be resilient to handle whatever to thrown at them
  • Be innovative: stand out above the rest with your innovative ideas
  • Follow the process: the contract process is set, a business needs to follow the guidelines
  • Maintain the relationship: conducting a good relationship with the program manager in the government contract is key. Communication will ensure everyone is on the same page.

Action Electronics has maintained a great relationship with the government and as the business continues to maintain the relationship allowing the good impressions continue to grow.

The relationship Action Electronics has formed with the government has opened up doors for the business through better customer engagement. Securing a government contract will help any business grow and develop on a whole new level.