Mil-Spec Packaging

Mil Spec Packaging

Action Electronics, is a seasoned supplier of military specification protective packaging. We have a large inventory of Mil-Prf materials such as Film Foil, Poly Kraft, and ESD in stock to fulfill your bag, cover, and liner needs with rapid turnaround times. We also supply wide width roll stock material, tubing, and sheeting all manufactured from Mil-Prf certified materials. We have the capability to custom manufacture bags, blankets, and shrouds to any size and quantity.

Every government contract has requirements based on the specification MIL-STD-2073-1. They include the quantity per unit pack, quantity per intermediate pack, preservative material to be applied, preservation method, cleaning and drying procedure, cushioning, wrapping, barrier materials, packing level, outer shipping container, barcoding, and RFID. In addition, the requirements typically refer to other material specifications.

Military & Government Packaging, Crating & Shipping Services

If all you need are outer shipping containers, we can provide spec boxes that meet any military, government, or ASTM specification. This includes ASTM-D6251, ASTM-D6880, ASTM-D6256, and ASTM-D7478. We also provide spec pallets and skids.
  • MIL-Spec packaging
  • ASTM-style crates
  • MIL-Spec-style crates
  • Wooden boxes, slat crates, open crates, hood-style crates
  • MIL-Spec pallets and load bases
  • Domestic and international shipping

Experience You Can Trust

Action Electronics has extensive experience with federal, state, and local government entities, military contractors, and all branches of the military including the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. They trust us for their packaging, crating, and shipping needs.

We can ensure compliance with all of these requirements, including decoding, using the correct spec materials, applying them correctly, preserving, packaging, packing, and marking in accordance with all of the relevant specifications.

Our Featured Products

Our customer service team, averaging over 30 years of experience, provides fast and courteous service and will recommend just the right product to meet the specifications of your military contracts. Below are our featured products:

  • Desiccant Bags
  • VCI Paper
  • Protective Packaging
  • Military Tape
  • Desiccant Packs
  • VCI Bags
  • Moisture Barrier Bags
  • Static Shielding Bags
  • Mil Spec Packaging
  • Anti-Static Packaging

Mission Ready

We have collaborated in different governments commands including:

  • Distribution
  • Disposition Services
  • Energy
  • Land and Maritime
  • Troop Support

We combine our experience, brilliant strategies, talented and hard-working team to provide remarkable services. This has made us one of the leading procurement service consultants!

By working with us, we assure you that your project is in great hands. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how our valued and time-saving solutions can help improve your organization.