A Trusted Source

Securing government equipment and important assets is a complicated task. With poor supply chain management, sensitive data, continuous technological advancement, and many staff to manage, it can instantly use up relevant resources.

As a leading source for value-added supply chain solutions, we provide novel engineered production, OEM-ready hardware kits, and superb delivery system.

Military logisticians face continuous disruptions and supply chain perils. Supplying military tools, especially in hard-to-reach locations, requires years of experience.

Action Electronics is adept at moving various shipments through any areas. We are a major military supplier to the United States government for OEM and manufactured military equipment. Also, we are certified and possess the infrastructure designed to meet the US government’s demands. Action Electronics is always ready to provide support services and advance war fighters. Our goal is to provide exceptional, efficient supply chain management services.

If you’re a government agency and need parts for a project, we can help you to get what you need.


Made For The Government

Most Acquisition and Development companies have experienced a lot of procurement challenges in the past. One problem is the governments structure for defense program contracts. This has paid on a cost-plus basis, decreasing the incentive to concentrate on operational capabilities throughout the supply chain.

Also, A&D products are customized and produced in low volumes compared with other industrial manufactured products. What this means is manufacturers are demanded to produce scale efficiencies. And the consolidation of industries has made the supply chain for several companies to become an aggregated group of smaller businesses.

As a result of these factors, a lot of companies have devised specific processes that have worked previously. However, they no longer work. For instance, OEMs take a fragmented method to procurement, operating with suppliers on an individual program basis rather than combining purchases across the enterprise. The effect? Poor supply-chain processes plus exorbitantly high overhead.

Thanks to our ample experience in the government market, we help commercial companies obtain various materials and offer effective solutions that cut customers’ costs through procurement consolidation.

We make our products and services are available for commercial sale. As a result, we give moderate pricing and seamless delivery services.


Why choose Action Electronics?

Our goal is to reduce costs for every government vendor by exceeding the demands of the industry.

With millions of dollars in government contracts, you can trust us with your next project. Action Electronics employs a regulated Internal Procurement Processes in applying best practices. These are similar to basic blocking and tackling, which you won’t find are in other companies. Our skilled commercial sales department can recognize most manufacturers’ part numbers and look for the best ways to complete your next project.

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