Tailored Kitting and Packaging

Kitting is a proven effective way to achieve air-tight inventory control and is a critical element of the lean manufacturing process. It enables the management of multiple components under a Kit Master Part Number while keeping full traceability of all parts. We can supply you with the components that are needed, in the amounts needed, and where and when needed with a variety of kit boxes or packaging choices.

Action excels in providing cost effective, customized kitting services and packaging solutions. We can create a unique kitting program to meet whatever requirements you may have. From pick-and-pack programs to specialized insert molds to personalized packaging, we will work with you to ensure your product is delivered in the manner, presentation, and condition you expect. Please contact our sales staff to get your project started today!

kitting and packaging

Why is kitting and packaging important?

No matter what the size or complexity of your kitting requirements are, Action has the equipment, technology and expertise to efficiently and cost-effectively handle all of your needs.

  • Action assembles and fulfills point-of-purchase displays, promotional items and product packaging as a part of our full-range of fulfillment services.
  • Our software and processes support making kits on¬†demand as orders come in or pre-made and stored in the warehouse for quick shipping.
  • Action’s fulfillment services can also help with complex kit builds, premium packages and shrink-wrapped services.
  • We have the experience and capability to meet your “in-chain” packaging and product configuration needs.
  • The Action fulfillment team can provide reliable and economical packaging re-configuration services or simply manage our client’s branded or unbranded shippers and dunnage.

Think your kitting requirements are too tough to handle? Tell us about them. We will work with you to find the best solution for your business.

Our Specialties

  • Fully Customized Bagging with Logo/UPC
  • Kits to Factory Floor
  • Special Packaging
  • AOG (Airplane on Ground)
  • Kit Drop Ships
  • Custom Delivery Services

Benefits of kitting and packaging:

The benefits from kitting early outweigh not using the process and these include:

  • Improves the turnover of inventory by making it easily accessible
  • Assists in the organization and assembly of parts, it is smart and produces an effective workflow
  • Helps with time management, kitting reduces time handling and the workload it takes to organize and send parts from a case by case process
  • Makes more space within the warehouse, bundling inventory to send off straight away makes room for more stock
  • Improve the supply chain from an OEM to the customer so the process to smooth and timely, having kits made up allows for a fast turn around
  • Helps with stock management, when the inventory is kitted it allows the OEM to know what of kind parts they have and what needs to be made or ordered

Example of our Fully Customized Bags