Certified and Trusted

Action Electronics deals with the procurement, kitting, and shipping of various military products. With 30 years of experience under our belts, we ship to the Defense Logistics Agency and the Naval Supply Systems Command. We also partner with companies in several nations, including Europe and South America.

The defense of all nations lie in the activities and actions of the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Space Force. These arms of the defense unit work hand in glove to see to defend their nation and protect its citizens. It is important, that a credible company like Action streamlines your supply chain to keep up with the demands of the defense industry.


Why Defense Industry Needs Effective Supply Management

Attacks on supply chains are a growing threat to global organizations — and every organization’s supply chain is global at some level. As organizations grow, their supply chains become more complex and intertwined. And as their supply chains become more complex with every added tier, they become more vulnerable to attacks.

Our technology optimizes the sourcing of raw materials, mitigates supply disruption risks,  and helps cope with modernization and emerging technologies. Action Electronics is effectively building agile and resilient supply chain solutions.

Reliable Solution Distribution

At Action Electronics, we are highly sensitive to the importance of reliable and accurate project timelines within the aerospace and defense industry. Our service mentality and precise supply chain management processes have allowed us to build a reputation of reliability. With rapid production cycles and reliable distribution systems we deliver our aircraft and ground support solutions on time. Our team will partner with you to support your project goals and timeline every step of the way by employing our expert engineering knowledge, efficient production processes, quality standards, and streamlined distribution.

Want More?

We reduce total overhead costs by buying from the original equipment manufacturers. We do this on behalf of the military or any other defense units, which cuts off extra expenses, making our process cost and time effective. Since getting original equipment is critical, Action Electronics has a standing policy as well as a reputation for sourcing original equipment from original manufacturers.

Using Only Quality Products

We purchase our materials only from trusted authorized distributors so we only obtain fully certified products.

Defense Contractor Support:

  • Shared vertical interests-OUR Customer is YOUR Customer-We have the experience & past performance to back it up
  • Priority will extend our DOD awarded contract service offering to qualified Defense Contractors
  • Unique Teaming Strategy working within each Contractor’s Business Development, Capture and Program Mgmt. Teams
  • TRACE Certified for Compliance
  • Licensed Customs Broker to handle ITAR, FMS, DoD-exempt & the most complex customs entries
  • Gov’t approved, Secure Warehousing