Action’s military supply chain and logistics solutions help ensure the military has the tools and capabilities necessary to move services and resources — weapons, food, equipment, fuel and more — where they’re needed to support the warfighter. With Action’s supply chain solutions, you keep operations moving smoothly around the clock while maintaining information security and real-time data analysis capabilities. Our actionable intelligence, automated processes, and unprecedented connectivity help you streamline operations, ensure compliance, and deliver supplies accurately, dependably and on-time.

Action Electronics exists to help the military bypass difficulties by procuring the materials they need from the manufacturers. With 30 years in the industry, we have relationships with authorized distributors to get the best price possible.


Why Action Electronics?

1. Less Product Handling

Military products don’t have to pass through so many hands and shipping ports. Our efficient delivery system reduces the chances of tampering.

Also, the military could have a need to transport sensitive materials that may be needed at a particular time. For such information and all products procured from the original equipment manufacturers, Action Electronics is equipped to take care of it.

2. Single Point of Contact

It helps to have things more organized when the military uses the same point of contact for procuring equipment. This helps the likelihood of missing paperwork and confusion.

3. Cost Reduction Along the Supply Chain

Action Electronics offer cutting edge delivery systems that help reduce cost. We eliminate the middleman along the supply chain to reduce costs. Rather than paying several middlemen commissions, we will complete all the work, from procuring and kitting to shipping and paperwork.

With Action Electronics supplying various types of equipment to the military, the military can save costs on price. Rather than buying the equipment from an unreliable seller, we procure the required equipment directly from the manufacturing company at a lower cost.

4. Genuine components guaranteed

We take pride in procuring quality equipment. We procure these products from the authorized manufacturers directly, parts are never brought in from China. We are committed to providing quality supplies.

Our services offer time-saving solutions that lessen customers’ expenses via procurement consolidation, value-added kitting, efficient delivery systems, and so much more.