The Value-Add with Kitting and Bagging

When it comes to the manufacturing side of a production, organization is critical.

Kitting and bagging is a fundamental part of any warehouse manufacturing as it creates a lot of value to the logistics, distribution and organization of all the products your business offers.

If you don’t already have a kitting and bagging service, we want to provide you with the hidden values and benefits you wouldn’t have thought of when it comes to streamlining your manufacturing process.

Before we do that, let’s have a look at what bagging and kitting is and how it can help all types of businesses.

What is kitting and bagging?

Kitting and bagging are two different processes when it comes to manufacturing.
Kitting is the method of bringing all related products together to make them into one kit.
It is a process which simplifies the process of part management, which saved time in warehouses searching for particular items.

Bagging is a part consolidation process, which is also labelled to add efficiency to supply chain management.

Like kitting, it bundles all part together, but also as part of the Action Electronics service, we label bags, so they are customized for each business.

Kitting and bagging have many benefits and values, which help with organization and efficiency. So what are these?

Values of bagging and kitting

When it comes to kitting, the hidden values should question why you haven’t done it before. It is a small difference you can make to your manufacturing processes, which will add so much benefit to your supply chain.


Fast assembly is the most obvious one. It will allow for items to be processed in bulk, especially when companies manage their stock replacements. It cuts down time sorting out large quantities of items.

Eliminates mistakes is one of those hidden values of kitting. An item that is distributed in a kit reduces the error in the order and fulfilment stages. Also, companies can print shipping labels before distribution, so it eliminates the need to weigh and label individual items.

Easier packaging because items are kitted up and packaged in bulk! Which is more efficient and much more cost-effective. Instead of packing up individual items, they can be put in one custom box, making processes a lot easier to weigh and send!

When it comes to kitting, there are many benefits. However, these are a few of the hidden values that come from kitting up inventory.


Bagging also has a lot of added values that many businesses don’t think of when it comes to being more efficient.

Better inventory control is a great value of using a bagging system to bundle up inventory and control the levels of stock. Aligned with kitting and you would know exactly the amount of items you have of certain inventory.

Saving time and money is a key benefit from bagging. Along with kitting, it streamlines your supply chain, which reduces time and money. Plus it also ensures inventory doesn’t go missing.

It gives more space within the warehouse. Bagging up all the goods with labels and the Action Electronics labels allows for a more organized space. It also provides more room throughout the warehouse and clears the floor for a more safe environment.

Final thoughts

When running a business, the organization and streamline of your processes can be the difference between a good supply chain management and a great supply chain management.

The values of kitting and bagging your inventory will contribute to the efficiency of your processes, saving you time and money.

Action Electronics are the kitting and bagging experts and can help you start streamlining your business!